Our Story

  • 1970'sThe Beginning

    Since childhood, brothers Kenneth and Irwin Sher had always wanted to go into business together. In the 1970’s, the two honed their skills in the refrigeration business. After many ideas were shared, the brothers decided they could do much better than what was being delivered in the market from a service standpoint. The two started by picking up additional jobs using classified ads in the Pennysaver (is that even around anymore?) so when a small refrigeration company was up for sale, they had enough capital to purchase it.
  • 1976Day & Nite Founded

    It was a big risk, they both had families. It was decided the best approach would be for one to stay fully-employed while the other got the new business running. They would share the salary from the first job. The decision was made in 1976 by drawing straws.
  • 1979Yankee Stadium

    Over time the phone began to ring more frequently. In 1979, Yankee Stadium called to have all of their refrigeration work redone.
  • 1980Javits Center

    The following year, the Javits Center contracted Day & Nite for all of their cold installations. These two jobs solidified the company’s reputation to handle large projects on-time and on-budget in the New York area.
  • 1980's All Service Aqcuisition

    Ken and Irwin acquired All Service in the late 1980’s and repurposed it into a commercial cooking equipment service company in the early 90’s. All Service, now almost 20 years later, shares the same distinguished reputation in the foodservice equipment service world as Day & Nite. Thus, reflecting the Day & Nite family brand of company’s staying power and depth of expertise.
  • 2007 Expansion into Florida

    Day & Nite / All Service opened an additional location to provide services to the Tampa Florida area in the spring of 2007. A few years after, Day & Nite All Service expanded to Orlando, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala and other cities.
  • 2007Expansion into the Carolinas

    Day & Nite / All Service broke into the North and South Carolina markets by opening up a satellite office providing the same expertise and professionalism as we do in New York in the fall of 2007.
  • 2012Popular Plumbing joins the family

    In 2012, Day & Nite / All Service deepened their services by developing a strategic partnership with Popular Plumbing. Today, all of the divisions work in sync as a family of businesses to deliver the best value and service to clients.
  • 2009 Implemented new service dispatch accounting system

  • 2011 Full tablet integration

    Implemented tablets and field automation for all technicians that is fully integrated with the overall system
  • 2012 Rolled out first version of client facing web portal

  • 2014 New client facing portal

    Released new updated version of client based web portal with easy navigation and full integration to our overall systems
  • 2015 Expansion into Washington DC

  • 2016 Expansion into Philadelphia and Raleigh

  • 2017 Expansion into South Florida

  • The Future

    Over the years, we've developed the best practices and in the future we're committed to continuously improving our expert services. Our family of companies has its eye on other markets to support our ever growing client base.