Which HVAC system is best for commercial building?


Commercial buildings come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the commercial HVAC systems that keep them comfortable. Making the right decision about which commercial HVAC services to avail and install can be critical to the success of your business.

Let’s talk about all your options and how to choose which is most suitable for your needs.

#1 – Split HVAC System

One of the most popular commercial HVAC equipment services is the split system. It gets its name from the way it’s set up—there is an outdoor unit that contains the compressor, and one or more indoor units that distribute the conditioned air.

This type of commercial HVAC system is a good choice for many businesses because it is:

  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Easy to install and maintain

There are also two types of split HVAC systems, namely single split and multi-split.

Single Split

As the name implies, this commercial HVAC system has one outdoor unit that is connected to one indoor unit. This is the most common type of split system and is suitable for small businesses.

Businesses such as cafes, small retail stores, and offices often use single split commercial HVAC systems. This option is affordable and easier to maintain compared to the multi-split type.

The biggest advantage of choosing the single split type is energy efficiency. This is because it only provides warm or cold air to the space where it is needed. Also, if you install multiple single split type HVACs, they are independent of one another. So, if one breaks down, the others can still operate.


A multi-split commercial HVAC system features one outdoor unit that is connected to multiple indoor units. This type of system is more suitable for large commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, and factories that don’t have enough outdoor space.

One of the advantages of the multi-split system is that it looks neat since all the compressors are housed in one outdoor unit. However, you will need an excellent commercial HVAC equipment services provider to maintain it since it is more complex.

#2 – VRV or VRF System

The Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRV) or Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRF) system is an HVAC system that uses refrigerant to heat and cool commercial buildings. It is also known as a heat-recovery system since it can recover the heat that is generated by the compressor.

The VRV or VRF system is great for medium-sized commercial buildings because it is:

  • Flexible – You can connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit.
  • Energy-efficient – It only cools or heats the space that is being used.
  • Quiet – The outdoor units are usually located on the roof, so it doesn’t make much noise.

There are two types of VRV/VRF systems:

Heat Recovery System

This type can heat and cool spaces at the same time. It is ideal for buildings that are located in cold climates.

Heat Pump System

This type can only heat or cool spaces at a time, not both simultaneously. It is ideal for buildings that are located in warm climates.

#3 – CAV System

A Constant Air Volume (CAV) system is a commercial HVAC system that delivers air at a constant volume. It features an air handler that controls the speed of the blower and a damper that regulates the flow of air. It will work at full capacity until the desired temperature is reached, and then it will cycle on and off to maintain that temperature.

The is a good choice for businesses that:

  • Have a medium to large space
  • Need to maintain a constant temperature

One of the disadvantages of the CAV system is that it is not as energy-efficient as the VRV/VRF system. However, it is easier to install and maintain.

#4 – VAV System

A Variable Air Volume (VAV) system is a commercial HVAC system that is designed to deliver cooling or heating needs for spaces that require several different temperatures. It is similar to the CAV system, but the VAV system doesn’t deliver air at a constant volume. Instead, it adjusts the airflow according to the space’s heating or cooling needs.

The VAV system is a good choice for businesses that have medium to large spaces or need to maintain different temperatures in different areas. While it is an extremely efficient system, it’s quite expensive and requires huge indoor space for the installation of multiple units.

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