Total Food Magazine – March 2014

“Customers today are significantly more sophisticated in what they’re looking for, as it relates to financial reporting, how they want to approach repairs. So there’s a lot more need for financial analytics and reporting. We’re positioned to support the market very differently than other companies. It’s what we do,” says Sher. Read more TFS ARTICLE – MARCH 2014

“Passing the Torch” – Newsday September 2013

Brothers Ken and Irwin Sher, co-founders of Day & Nite / All Service, the New Hyde Park-based commercial HVAC and refrigeration company they started in 1977, spent several years preparing for the day when their sons would take over. That time came in January, but despite preparation, transition is never simple. Ken’s son, Matthew, 41, serves as president and vice president of sales, and Irwin’s… click here to read more.

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