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Profits - People - Planet

Delivering on John Elkington's "Triple Bottom Line" imperative, Day & Nite's corporate sustainability leadership is evidenced by:

Operation Density

The Company’s continued efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

digital Workflows

Eliminating paper throughout the service-delivery chain through integrated technologies.

Recycling for Education

Donating equipment and parts to technical colleges and university laboratories for hands on learning instead of going to landfills; Diversity, inclusion and executive development programs create a vibrant high-performance culture


American Heart Association, Walk for Wishes, college scholarships and numerous community-based initiatives highlight Day & Nite’s commitment to the communities we work in and the world around us.

Customers benefit from Day & Nite's environmental leadership by:

Food Waste Management

As much as half of all food produced is wasted creating serious environmental, economic and societal problems. Technology modeled off the human digestive system, our innovative food digestor technology converts solid food waste to pure liquid

Environmental Grease Trap Solutions

Units holding up to 1,000 pounds of grease pose some of the greatest workplace hygiene and environmental hazards as do the many trucks hauling pumped out grease from multiple grease traps. Technology modeled off the same treatments to protect the marine ecosystem after an oil spill, Popular Plumbing’s microbial grease trap management system decomposes fats, oils, grease and cellulose.


Usefully relevant data for boosting your stakeholder engagement, performance metrics to support your environmental, social and governance reporting, Day & Nite collaborates with customers to transparently deliver high-impact results.

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