Day & Nite / All Service offers the best service contracts for commercial kitchen equipment and HVAC systems in the business. We cater to restaurant groups, corporate dining facilities and hospitality businesses like resorts or hotels. From our offices in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, the Carolinas and Florida we provide a diverse range of integrated ongoing maintenance services from our refrigeration, kitchen equipment, HVAC and plumbing divisions.


One size does not fit all. That is why our custom programs are built around the needs of your business and designed specifically to reduce the long term operating cost of your commercial kitchen equipment or HVAC systems. We plan and execute all preventative maintenance to protect your investment.


 We take training seriously. Onsite we have a technical training kitchen where we train technicians side by side with factory representatives. Our maintenance contract clients are serviced by Sr. Level technicians who know the equipment inside and out.


Every time a piece of equipment is touched the record is logged in our equipment service history database which we make available to our clients. Using a tablet or computer this information is available in real time and on demand. With transparency and technology we help operators see the full picture and more maintenance cycle data to make informed decisions.


Our service contracts come with a full support team dedicated to reducing your downtime and keeping things running smoothly. Entering service agreements with Day & Nite / All Service means your business becomes our top priority. If there’s ever an emergency, our dispatch team will quickly send a technician to your location for repairs. We even keep a million dollars in spare parts laying around just in case.

 We are the one to trust with your investment. Put your commercial kitchen equipment and HVAC systems in our hands and rest easy.

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