Day & Nite Expands To Philadelphia


Day & Nite Continues Refrigeration Services Expansion Philadelphia Launch

Refrigeration can be one of the biggest challenges for a restaurant. A refrigerator is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the kitchen for keeping food safe.  We take them for granted.  But when the power goes off, or they start malfunctioning, they put our food’s safety in jeopardy.

Enter Day & Nite All Service, first a refrigerator repair business for foodservice customers, then a service organization that is today without parallel in the industry.

The team of Kenneth and Irwin Sher started the company in the ‘70s, hoping to improve on the service being offered by competitors – and succeeding.

In 1977 the Javits Center contracted Day & Nite for all of their cold installations. This job solidified the company’s reputation to handle large projects on-time and on-budget in the New York City area. In 1979, Yankee Stadium called to have all of its refrigeration work redone. And the team was off and running.

“Our current executive management team has been running the company since 2013,” says President Matt Sher. “For all intents and purposes, we’ve doubled the company in size from when we started to prepare for succession half a decade ago till now.”

Expanding this month into Philadelphia from their home base in New York City, the family has seen their business explode since they started it in the ‘70s, according to Matt.

It was in the late 1980’s that Ken and Irwin decided to move into the foodservice business when they acquired All Service.  In the early ‘90’s they turned it into a commercial cooking equipment service company. “Now, almost 20 years later, All Service shares the same distinguished reputation in the foodservice equipment service world as Day & Nite, thus, reflecting the Day & Nite family brand of company’s staying power and depth of expertise,” Matt notes proudly.

Drawing on their success with their newest branch, which opened in Washington, D.C. last year, the team decided to try their hand in a different geography, not hard for a company that has seen expansion into the Carolinas, the Tampa area, Orlando, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala and other cities in the past.

Day & Nite has built a team of professionals to anchor the firm’s expansion, Matt points out.

Sandy Smith and Doug Hummel, who joined the company in 2014, will lead Day & Nite’s launch into  Philadelphia. “The duo brings an extensive portfolio of food service experience,” Matt says. “Sandy and Doug have both dedicated themselves to many of our industry’s most noteworthy initiatives.”  Smith and Hummell have been longtime members of SHFM and have sat on a number of the organization’s committees.

“When we started the branches, it was more opportunistic than strategic. We learned what worked and what not to do,” Matt recalls.  “Unknowingly, we allowed for certain processes to be decentralized and ultimately centralized the majority of office-related functions in 2014, preparing for our next wave of branch growth, and enabling us to expand the Day & Nite All Service brand.”

Matt reports that the company picked the D.C. Area because it has been a dynamic and growing market, not unlike NYC over the past decade.  And what’s helped Day & Nite succeed in D.C.?  “Good defined processes and SOP adherence,” he reports.

As for Philadelphia, Day & Nite plans to leverage its most recent success with D.C.  “And engage clients with a service offering unlike anything they have experienced before,” says Matt.

Day & Nite will do this through its superior use of technology, technician training, parts on hand and SOP adherence – driving a faster, more accurate, easier-to-track service solution.

Where to next?  “Bridging the mid-Atlantic gap of our service offerings,” he says.

As for the future?  “We see continued refinement and an even better market- leading service offering by way of our undying desire to be the best because ‘we are the one,’” Matt affirms, stating the company’s slogan.  “That, and a larger geographic self-performing footprint, making it easier for our client base to perform their core functions, making them more productive and profitable, supporting their and our mutual growth.”

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Energy Costs

commercial kitchen repair truck

Many of our restaurant, hospitality and corporate dining clients ask us how they can reduce their energy costs. Below are a few tips for commercial kitchen equipment operators. 

1. Upgrade your cool

For larger commercial refrigeration users, EC motors are a great upgrade. These “brushless motors” can run up to 70% more efficient than traditional motors that run vaporators, condenser fans for walk-ins and refrigerated display-cases. This investment also requires less maintenance years down the road. Check out our case study here.

2. Optimize and update kitchen

Research shows that food preparation accounts for nearly one third of all energy usage in commercial kitchens. As a result, new kitchen equipment and practices can have a significant impact on energy bills. If oven range tops are in bad condition or dirty, cleaning and repairs will improve their output. Furthermore, newer ovens on the market will take up fewer resources, increasing overall efficiency. Finally, realigning ovens and steamers, along with better timing their start-up and shut-down schedules, can also improve your commercial kitchen equipment’s energy efficiency.

3. Improve ventilation

Moving air takes a lot of energy and commercial HVAC systems can account for 28 % of consumption. Poorly ventilated kitchens can also end up using additional air conditioning, which increases operating costs. Our technicians at Day & Nite, recommend clients inspect their ventilation systems regularly replace old parts and perform preventative maintence. Newer units also have sensors and programming that allows us to dial in optimum performance for our client’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

4. Check Your Hardware

About 18 % of energy in commercial kitchens is consumed by leaky door gaskets or misaligned fixtures, along with dishwashers and leaky sinks that can waste thousands of gallons of water every year if left unfixed. We have an entire hardware division and one million dollars in kitchen equipment and refrigeration parts to quickly replace any leaky seal, latch or valve. Our Plumbing division is ready to address any foodservice plumbing needs as well as Grease Traps.

Energy Saving Tips For Commercial Refrigeration

With the already high and continually rising cost of energy, every business is looking for ways to keep their usage costs to a minimum. If your business utilizes Walk-In Refrigeration, Day & Nite has partnered with Frigitek Energy Control Equipment to offer a solution that could keep more of your profits in your pocket. Frigitek Electronically Commutated Motors and Controllers produce significant energy reduction as well as lower your CO2 footprint. Standard shaded pole motors run on A/C voltage whereas the Frigitek EC motors run on D/C voltage which is not only much more efficient, but also produces dramatically less heat load and subsequently prolongs compressor life expectancy. The Frigitek Controllers are used to modulate the fan speed and further reduce energy consumption. Installation of the Frigitek Motors and Controllers for the average 3 fan blower would produce a reduction of up to 84% in energy usage and 8000lbs per year in C02. Please contact us if you would like more Info.

HVAC Tips – Improving Efficiency & Reliability

It’s a fact that proper maintenance of HVAC systems improves efficiency, reliability and longevity of equipment. A simple way to justify the value of a maintenance plan is to start with a piece of equipment or system that has not been properly maintained. Review the maintenance records for the equipment or system. How has the lack of maintenance impacted the operation in terms of reactive maintenance costs and interruptions of service compared to what it would have cost to perform scheduled maintenance? If maintenance has not been a high priority, chances are that there will be a number of equipment failures that occurred during the year. Some will be random failures that maintenance may not have been able to prevent. Others will be the direct result of poor maintenance.

New Facility Caters To Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Refrigeration Clients


The Nation’s Premier Equipment Installation & Service Provider Is the “Go-To” Source for Service 

NEW HYDE PARK, NY — December 17, 2013 —
Day & Night All / Service, the nation’s premier commercial kitchen equipment and HVAC systems has completed a facility upgrade that features a new training/test kitchen outfitted with the industry’s latest technology. The new facility was built to fulfill the company’s mission to provide local restaurant and corporate dining facility operators with a timely response and quality diagnostic service.

“New technology has helped us to provide the fastest and most attentive service to our customers,” says Matt Sher, one of the company’s principals. “It’s all about providing quality diagnostics and premium solutions that reduce service cycle time, hassles and downtime.” Clientele includes MSG, Rockefeller University, Macys, and many celebrity chefs.

The new facility will enable Day & Nite to emphasize their commitment to training, develop the best technicians, and foster relationships with manufacturers to get the best training exposure. The company will soon receive the much sought after CFESA master certification, which will be added to its prestigious Manitowoc Star and MSCA star certification.

“We want customers to come and see the latest that was introduced at the trade shows and understand why our blend of inventory, people and process is the perfect recipe to maximize the food service operator’s commitment to efficiency,” says Sher. “We are truly a one-stop shop for HVAC, refrigeration plumbing, and cooking service.”

About Day & Nite / All Service

History: Brothers Ken and Irwin Sher, co-founders of Day & Nite / All Service, started the company in 1977. Currently, there are 125 employees on Long Island and 25 in Florida and the Carolinas.
Services: Installation and maintenance of commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, plumbing and kitchen equipment.

Facility: The industry-specific designed 22,000-square-foot facility is home to our well-stocked warehouse. The inventory of parts is barcoded so we can track them in the warehouse and in our technician’s trucks. Our trucks are all equipped with GPS, which enables us to provide the correct parts quickly when needed.Technicians: We’re a union company with refrigeration and air conditioning technicians who are members of Local 638. Kitchen technicians are members of Local 1922. The benefits of having union technicians are: better training for quicker and more accurate diagnostics, union certification, union benefits, pension, welfare benefits, and happier employees that deliver a better customer experience.

Rapid Response: Our 24 hour, GPS-enabled, fully computerized system tracks our technicians in order to provide our customers with rapid response. All technicians are equipped with 2-way radios so we can communicate with them instantly. Our fleet of service vehicles in NY, NJ, CT, NC, SC and FL carries a full complement of spare parts so that many repairs can be completed on the first visit, if authorized.

Customer Service:
Our representatives answer the phones courteously and professionally. They are ready and eager to assist you in all your service requirements. Our fully computerized operation includes on-line service histories and equipment inventories for each customer – allowing us to a prompt response and accurate reporting for all inquiries.

“Passing the Torch” – Newsday September 2013

Brothers Ken and Irwin Sher, co-founders of Day & Nite / All Service, the New Hyde Park-based commercial HVAC and refrigeration company they started in 1977, spent several years preparing for the day when their sons would take over. That time came in January, but despite preparation, transition is never simple. Ken’s son, Matthew, 41, serves as president and vice president of sales, and Irwin’s… click here to read more.

Newsday 9 9 13

Service Contracts For Kitchen Equipment & HVAC

Day & Nite / All Service offers the best service contracts for commercial kitchen equipment and HVAC systems in the business. We cater to restaurant groups, corporate dining facilities and hospitality businesses like resorts or hotels. From our offices in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, the Carolinas and Florida we provide a diverse range of integrated ongoing maintenance services from our refrigeration, kitchen equipment, HVAC and plumbing divisions.


One size does not fit all. That is why our custom programs are built around the needs of your business and designed specifically to reduce the long term operating cost of your commercial kitchen equipment or HVAC systems. We plan and execute all preventative maintenance to protect your investment.


 We take training seriously. Onsite we have a technical training kitchen where we train technicians side by side with factory representatives. Our maintenance contract clients are serviced by Sr. Level technicians who know the equipment inside and out.


Every time a piece of equipment is touched the record is logged in our equipment service history database which we make available to our clients. Using a tablet or computer this information is available in real time and on demand. With transparency and technology we help operators see the full picture and more maintenance cycle data to make informed decisions.


Our service contracts come with a full support team dedicated to reducing your downtime and keeping things running smoothly. Entering service agreements with Day & Nite / All Service means your business becomes our top priority. If there’s ever an emergency, our dispatch team will quickly send a technician to your location for repairs. We even keep a million dollars in spare parts laying around just in case.

 We are the one to trust with your investment. Put your commercial kitchen equipment and HVAC systems in our hands and rest easy.

Transparency Through Technology

Transparency in a business practice context implies openness, communication and accountability. It means operating in a way that allows your customers to easily see what actions you are performing and therefore what you are really about. Day & Nite / All Service believes this to be a cornerstone of customer service and developing lasting customer relationships. With this in mind we are offering access for one unique user to our web based CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) portal for each service contract customer. The CRM can be logged on to from anywhere there is internet access and allows the client to place service calls, view open quotes and open invoices, approve quotes and even run reports of equipment history by site. It gives the client real-time access to the same valuable information that Day & Nite’s office staff is privy to. If you have a service contract and are interested in a demonstration please contact your account representative.

Day & Nite / All Service Launches Windows Based Equipment Monitoring Software

“The Cutting Edge” is a phrase that we most often associate with the technology driven industries denoting the highest level of development and improvement. Its not all that often that a service company can claim, much less demonstrate that they are on the cutting edge. Day & Nite / All Service is proud to be able to do just that. Their recently implemented windows based service/dispatch and accounting platform not only streamlines the office staffs transactions providing higher customer service levels, but it also supports a web based client interface giving the end user access to a host of functions they can monitor in real time. We are also in the final stages of deployment for ultramobile Android based tablets to each technician. The tablets give the technicians unfettered access to upload and view relevant information from the main database. Day & Nite / All Service actively seeks out partnerships with companies whose products can provide additional benefits to their clients. Temp Minder wireless temperature monitoring systems, Atmos Air Indoor Air Treatment Systems, Frigitek Energy Reducing Motors (See Gary’s Corner on pg 2 for more details) and Air Advice building energy savings solutions are just a few such ventures. We would like to thank everyone for the support and commitment in rolling out our wireless field technology successfully to date. We would especially like to thank Carlos Andrade and David Sher for their tireless efforts, training and insightful leadership on this mission critical endeavor.