Citi Field – 38 Miles of Refrigeration


When someone thinks of a 850 million dollar renovation to one of world’s most legendary sports venues, big jumbotrons and fancy sky boxes probably come to mind. In 2011, Citi Field turned to day and night to do a much more important job. Pour beer faster and colder with a new refrigeration system.

In order to keep millions of fans a year happy and increase revenue Day & Nite installed a state of the art beer system. The system consists of over 38 miles on beer lines, 1000 kegs and 566 individual taps at 45 stations.

After the project was completed, Citi Field was able to serve more beer faster contributing to less wait time. This made fans and management happy; a home run for everyone.

Reduce Refrigeration Costs With EC Motors

Our clients are always looking for ways to reduce costs in their corporate dining facilities and we’re committed to bringing them innovative solutions. To keep large walk-ins and other refrigeration systems running requires a ton of electricity.

One of New York’s busiest catering companies Abigail Kirsch came to us several years ago to upgrade their motors to electronically commutated or EC motors for the reasons mentioned above. These “brushless motors” can run up to 70% more efficient than traditional motors that run vaporators, condenser fans, refrigerated display-cases and in Abigail Kirsch’s case walk-In Coolers.

Years later the EC motors are running well. The client has yet to call us to replace any of them or the controllers. As result, the company gained energy efficiencies and cost savings through less required maintenance. Call us now to learn about how we can make your facility more sustainable. 

Case Study: Commerical Kitchen Equipment

Viacom feeds thousands of hungry employees every week and they cannot afford for crucial kitchen equipment to be down during the week. Recently they needed old pieces removed and new equipment installed over the weekend.

Luckily they called on All Service who could procure the equipment from a manufacturer partner, deliver it to the location then handle the removal/installation. Our highly trained crew was already familiar with the new items so not a moment was wasted figuring out the new equipment.

Because they called All Service, Viacom’s kitchen equipment was fully operational before Monday and cooks enjoyed their weekend.